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Stolen songs

2011-04-11 00:42:07 by TheTriangle

This dude stole this song and many others: /408050
stolen from: sDlQ

I contacted wade but nobody seems to be doing anything about it. I just feel like he shouldn't be getting credit for multiple songs when he hasn't actually produced a single one himself.


2011-03-03 14:12:05 by TheTriangle


Update 1

2008-02-20 14:01:04 by TheTriangle



2008-01-13 14:40:29 by TheTriangle

Obstacle Course collab-
This my collab that I started. It lacks 3 people so I can co-author everyone! please join. 3450

FACE Collab-

This is not mine but I'm in it. JOIN!!! It's run by a really good animator, also. 5050

Yeah Right skate collab 2!
This is a really cool Idea based off the awesome youtube video. If you like animating skating without sticks, come here to the forum. 3075/

Obstacle Course Collab

2008-01-11 23:36:24 by TheTriangle

I have an obstacle course collab running at the address: 3450
Please join!

PyroflameProductions is holding a collab and he needs more ppl!!!! go to his page plz it is an explosion collab.


2007-11-08 00:37:18 by TheTriangle

collab still underway.
original comedy flash begun.
music underway.

upcoming flash

2007-11-06 01:01:14 by TheTriangle

i have a possible collab under construction.
i have a beginner's tutorial on flash coming up. soon
a halloween flash(late) done.
my own original flash coming up (way later)

fbf collab.

2007-11-05 21:55:12 by TheTriangle

cobra0528 is making a collab and he need more people. don't you want to be in a collab????

yogurt salad.

2007-10-14 17:21:02 by TheTriangle

yogurt salad, i said.